Package Protection for Orders through Route

At Furls Crochet, we're committed to not only delivering exceptional products we are also dedicated to stitching care and innovation into every aspect of your journey with us. We are excited to offer Route Package Protection, an optional service that aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide you with the finest and most secure crochet experience possible.
Empowering Your Choice

We understand that while protection is paramount, the freedom to choose is equally important. Rest assured, Route Package Protection is automatically selected at checkout, yet we respect your choice to decline this added layer of security. You will have the option to remove this from your cart at checkout.

Aligned with Sustainability

Embracing the ethos of sustainability, Furls Crochet is proud to embrace Route's Green Package Protection. When you opt for this enhanced level of care, you not only shield your purchase but also contribute to an inspiring agroforestry initiative that nurtures the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the air and fostering flourishing ecosystems.

Inspired by Craftsmanship, Backed by Care

Just as your creations are meticulously crafted, Route Package Protection is carefully tailored to offer a seamless claims process in case of unforeseen circumstances. Our partnership with Route empowers you to file claims with ease, providing peace of mind as you crochet your way through life's vibrant fabric.


Thank you for entrusting Furls Crochet to be a part of your creative journey. With Route Package Protection, we're committed to ensuring your experience remains as beautiful and secure as the art you create. Please review the details below for a comprehensive understanding of this service.


Package Protection Cost

Orders under $100: $0.98
Orders over $100: 1.5% of the total order value

Claim Process and Support

In the event of lost, damaged, or stolen items, Route's expert support team is here to assist. Claims are typically reviewed for approval within 1-2 business days from filing. For guidance on filing claims and further assistance, please visit Route's app or website.

When to File a Claim

Within 15 calendar days from delivery confirmation

Marked as Delivered (Stolen)
Within 15 calendar days from delivery confirmation.

Stuck in Transit (Lost)
Within 30 calendar days from last update.

Refunds and Reorders

Route covers the subtotal, shipping, and taxes for refunds. For reorders, Route covers costs including shipping, taxes, and Route Shipping Protection. Note that the original Route Premium cost is non-refundable.

File a Claim

To file a claim, you use Route's app or the link provided in your order confirmation email. If you are unable to find the link you can also use this link to file. Ensure you have your store order number or Route ID number and the associated email address on hand.

Declining Protection

Should you choose to decline Route Package Protection, please be aware that Furls Crochet will not assume liability for any issues related to lost, stolen, or damaged shipments. Please see Furls Uninsured Package Policy for full details.

Route's Terms and Conditions

Route's comprehensive terms and conditions can be reviewed here

Licensed Insurance Company

Route operates as a licensed insurance company in partnership with SEG Insurance Ltd.

Customer Support

For questions, support, or claim-related assistance, please contact

We appreciate your trust in Furls Crochet and Route Package Protection to ensure a secure and satisfying shopping experience.



Updated 09/06/2023