Furls Crochet No Unauthorized Resale Policy

Furls Crochet (hereinafter referred to as "Furls Crochet," "we," "our," or "us") is committed to providing a fair and supportive environment for our Authorized Wholesale Retailers. We value the relationship we have with our authorized retailers and have established this "No Resale" policy to deter individuals or entities from purchasing our products for the purpose of resale on third-party platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, blogs, or any other online or offline marketplace.

Policy Statement

Furls Crochet prohibits the resale of our products by any individuals or entities unless explicitly authorized. Unauthorized resale undermines brand consistency, disrupts pricing strategies, and can result in an inconsistent customer experience. This "No Resale" policy has been implemented to safeguard the interests of our authorized wholesale retailers and maintain product quality.

Policy Details

Authorized Wholesale Retailers
Only retailers who have entered into a formal wholesale agreement with Furls Crochet and have received explicit authorization from us are permitted to resell our products. These retailers must comply with the pricing guidelines specified in their wholesale agreements.

Resale Restrictions
Unauthorized resale of Furls Crochet products is strictly prohibited. This includes selling our products on third-party marketplaces, auction sites, blogs, social media, or in physical retail locations without explicit authorization from Furls Crochet.

Personal Use Resale: We acknowledge that customers may occasionally wish to resell their personal Furls Crochet hooks. This exemption is for personal use only and cannot be used as a business or for profit. In support of our customers who wish to resell their previously loved products we have partnered with founder of the Furls Buy Sell Trade group on Facebook* to provide a resource which will adhere to Furls policies related to the sale of our product.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Non Authorized Retailers 

Furls will close accounts and associated accounts of anyone suspected of unauthorized resale of Furls products. Legal action may be taken to address unauthorized resale activities.

Furls Authorized Wholeale Retailers

Authorized Wholesale Retailers for Furls products are under contractual obligation to not exceed 15% of Furls listed retail price for the sale of Furls products. Violations will result in the closure of associated wholesale accounts.

Reporting Unauthorized Resale
Furls Crochet encourages its authorized retailers and customers to report any suspected unauthorized resale of our products. If you suspect an individual or entity is engaged in unauthorized resale, please contact us immediately at wholesale@furlscrochet.com

Furls Crochet is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and customer experience for our products. We appreciate the partnership and trust of our Authorized Wholesale Retailers and remain steadfast in our efforts to protect their interests. This "No Resale" policy is essential to maintain brand integrity and ensure an equitable marketplace for all.

Please note that we reserve the right to modify or update this policy as needed, and it is the responsibility of all authorized retailers and customers to stay informed about any changes. Your continued cooperation in upholding this policy is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to the principles outlined in this "No Resale" policy.

Exemption Note: Personal hooks may be resold for personal use only through the Furls Buy Sell Trade group on Facebook. This exemption is not intended for business or profit purposes.

*The Furls Buy Sell Trade group on Facebook is not owned by Furls nor does Furls profit in any way from this group. 


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Updated November 2023