Furls Core Values

At Furls Crochet, the world’s leading provider of luxury ergonomic fiber arts tools, our ethos is meticulously woven by integrating our key principles of innovation, inclusivity and diversity, sustainability, craftsmanship, integrity, creativity, accountability with transparency, and community through collaboration. These inherent values naturally resonate with our brand's essence and the expansive, diverse community of artisans we passionately serve.


At Furls Crochet, every tool emerges as a symbol of unmatched craftsmanship. By harmonizing tradition with contemporary innovation, our dedication to quality ensures each product exceeds the highest artistic benchmarks.


Nurtured by boundless imagination, our brand pulsates with creativity. We salute originality, kindle fresh artistic visions, and remain perpetually inspired by the limitless creative potential of the fiber arts community.


As trailblazers in the world of fiber arts tools, our commitment to product evolution is unwavering. By consistently improving our tools we ensure that every product amplifies the artistic experience, catering to both the budding hobbyist and the seasoned artisan alike.


With a deep-rooted allegiance to our planet and its inhabitants, we adopt eco-conscious practices, ethically source materials, and champion the enduring quality of our tools, all the while diligently minimizing our environmental footprint.

Inclusivity and Diversity

We recognize and celebrate the vast tapestry that is the global arts community. By fostering an environment where every voice, background, and perspective finds representation, we enrich our collective experience and uphold the principles of unity and acceptance.

Community through Collaboration

Embracing the power of collective effort, we champion collaboration within our expansive community, seeking partnerships with those brands, charities, makers, and designers whose value systems and core beliefs best align with ours By supporting one another's visions, we amplify the impact and reach of goodness in the fiber arts world.


Accountability and Transparency

We understand that trust is built on both responsibility and openness. We stand resolutely behind our commitments, embrace the lessons from our journey, and maintain a clear, candid dialogue with our community, ensuring our actions and intentions are always in harmonious alignment.

Equity and Fairness

We are committed to fostering a workplace where every individual is treated with respect and dignity, ensuring no discrimination and providing sustainable wages that uphold the true value of each employee's contribution.

Guided by these core tenets, Furls Crochet stands tall in the ever-evolving domain of fiber arts tools, upholding values that resonate deeply within the global artisan community.