What's Your Bridgerton Crochet Hook?

What's Your Bridgerton Crochet Hook?

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Is anyone else excited for part 2 of Bridgerton Season 3? It's coming out on Netflix this week and here at the Furls office, we're all so excited to see what happens next! Have you ever wondered which Furls crochet hook exemplifies each Bridgerton character? Well here's your chance to find out!

what is your bridgerton crochet hook?

Which crochet hook would you pick for each character? Here are our picks:
Anthony Bridgerton Furls Crochet Hook

Anthony Bridgerton
: Streamline Metal Silver

Anthony is strong and decisive, streamlined and determined, which makes the Streamline Metal Silver crochet hook a perfect match!

Benedict Bridgerton Furls Crochet Hook

Benedict Bridgerton
: Limited Edition Walnut & Emerald Alpha (coming soon!)
We think Benedict, the fun-loving artist, would love the marriage of walnut wood with a decorative emerald acrylic swirl; the perfect match between quality and expressiveness.

p.s. this is a sneak peek of a hook that will be released on Friday!!

The bold blues of the Aquarius Zodiac Streamline crochet hook match Colin's cool yet loving personality!
Bridgerton crochet hook daphne
Daphne BridgertonGemini Pollux Zodiac Streamline Resin

An incomparable hook for the season's Incomparable: Daphne Bridgerton! Regal and pure, the Gemini Pollux Zodiac Streamline Resin crochet hook is her perfect match. Speaking of perfect matches...

Simon - Bridgerton crochet hook

Duke Simon Bassett: Gemini Castor Zodiac Streamline Resin
We couldn't give Daphne the Gemini Pollux without naming her soulmate Simon as the the Gemini Castor Zodiac Streamline Resin crochet hook.
Eloise crochet hook bridgerton
Eloise Bridgerton: Limited Edition Wonderland Glitter Streamline Resin

Eloise's crochet hook is made in Bridgerton blue: the Wonderland Glitter hook! Not too frilly, but just a little sparkle: perfect for Eloise's unconventional outlook on life.
Penelope Bridgerton crochet hook

Penelope Featherington: Andromeda Galaxy Streamline Resin

Penelope's Andromeda hook showcases a blend of her old and new signature colors: peach for the citrus Featherington colors, and green for her glow-up color! This romantic hook is a perfect match for Penelope... and we can't wait to see how her love story turns out!

Francesca bridgerton crochet hook
Francesca BridgertonSilver Oak Streamline Wood
Francesca is a quiet, reserved girl with no need for extra frills and flounces. She would love the Silver Oak Streamline Wood hook for it's solid wood+natural wood grain look. Beautiful without being too showy!

Lady Violet Bridgerton Crochet hook
Lady Violet BridgertonCancer Zodiac Streamline Resin

Lady Violet Bridgerton is a true believer in love! The Cancer Zodiac hook is a great match for her because it features a marriage of color: violet with Bridgerton blue.

Lady Danbury Bridgerton crochet hook

Lady Agatha DanburyPurpleheart Streamline Wood

Lady Danbury is a no-nonsense lady of the ton, with a slight bent toward eccentricity. We think the Purpleheart Streamline Wood hook is the hook she would choose, were she the type to sit down and crochet!

Queen Charlotte Bridgerton crochet hook
Regal, with just a dash of fanciful, the Jupiter Galaxy Resin hook is our choice for Queen Charlotte's Sparkle of the Season!

Kate Sharma knows her own mind, and won't be swayed by anybody. Her natural sparkle and love of jewel tones make the Sagittarius Zodiac Streamline Resin hook the right hook for her!
Lady Featherington Bridgerton Crochet Hook
Lady Portia FeatheringtonVirgo Zodiac Streamline Resin

Lady Featherington is practical, outspoken in style and voice, and only wants to make the best matches for her daughters. We chose the Virgo Zodiac hook for her, because of its bright colors (the Featheringtons are known for acid/citrus colors), and outspoken style.

Cressida Cowper is a frenemy-about-town who seems like a beautiful bird in a cage! We chose the Polaris Galaxy Streamline Resin crochet hook to exemplify Cressida's fashion-forward style balanced with her feminine wiles.

What do you think? What hooks would you have chosen for the members of the ton? Anyone we missed? Which hook/character do you love most?

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