February '24 Featured Team Member: Crystal!

February '24 Featured Team Member: Crystal!

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We love our team, so we're featuring a team member every month so you can love them too! As a bonus, we're offering a discount on a special product to celebrate. Read on to learn more about our Featured Team Member for February 2024: Crystal Bucholz, our Director of Operations!

Team Member Crystal, Director of Operations

Lorene, Furls CEO said: "Crystal is an amazing human being. I am so grateful to have her in my life, as an employee, and most importantly, as a friend."

Dianne in Customer Service said: 
 "When it comes to being organized and keeping track of things, Crystal is QUEEN! Seriously, I love how her organized brain works."

Pam, Furls CMO said: "Crystal may be the person with the infinite number of checklists, but my favorite thing about working with her is how passionate she is about what we do. Crystal was a Furls customer first, and I think that brings a level to the quality of her work that goes beyond procedures and policies. Her love for our products is behind every decision she makes, and her belief in our mission is what drives her forward. On top of all that, she is a wonderful person and so much fun to be around. We are so lucky to have Crystal!"

We asked Crystal about herself:

What is your favorite Furls product?

Streamline Metal Hooks and the Blair Clutch. I also love my hook trays!

Other Faves: Alpha Hooks, Streamline Galaxy Hooks, Streamline Metal Hooks, Hook Trays, Hook Clutches, Wander Yarn

Do you crochet? If yes, how long have you been crocheting for?
Yes, 15 years!

What is your favorite crochet technique or stitch pattern?
I love puff stitches, broomstick lace, and hairpin lace.

How do you hold your hook?
Knife grip

Crystal's favorite products: Streamline Metal Hooks and Blair Clutch

What is your favorite thing/pattern you've ever crocheted?
Faux Fur Polar Bear

Where do you live?
Wisconsin - New Richmond if you want more specific

What else do you do for fun?
Reading, being outdoors (when it's warm), family activities with my husband and 3 boys

What's your favorite place to visit?
Anywhere my mom and siblings are!

What's your favorite dessert (or appetizer if you aren't a dessert person)?
Mmmm ANYTHING sweet! Cookies, cakes, candy, sugar and creamer with a little coffee.... I could go on...

Who's your favorite crochet/fiber artist?
I don't really have a favorite, there are so many amazing artists out there!

What TV show/movie are you watching right now?
Daisy Jones and the Six

What's your favorite band/music right now?
Anything with a danceable beat!

What's your favorite emoji?
❤️The heart... boring but it is!❤️

What are a couple of fun facts about you?
I love making my son faux fur crochet creatures. I was a Furls enthusiast before I worked for the company.

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