Shawl, Scarf and Poncho Crochet Patterns

Shawl, Scarf and Poncho Crochet Patterns

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Changing Seasons can be a difficult time to find great crochet patterns. The best patterns are those that can be worn throughout the year, but especially during the times when the seasons are shifting. Even better are designs that can be used with a wide variety of outfits. Shawl, Scarf and Poncho designs can be easily thrown on over whatever you are wearing and look great with both day looks and evening outfits.

Below you find seven free shawl, scarf and poncho crochet patterns for changing seasons. Each design below was featured as a monthly CAL for Furls Crochet. Furls hosts two new crochet-a-longs every month. If you would like to follow along with our next CAL be sure to join our exclusive CAL group on Facebook, Fun with Furls.

7 Free Shawl, Scarf and Poncho Crochet Patterns for Changing Seasons

Furls hosts two new CAL designs every month. To stay up to date on our latest CAL join our exclusive CAL group on Facebook, Fun with Furls


1. Flora and Fauna Rectangle Crochet Shawl by Jennifer Dickenson

Add a seasonal flair to your wardrobe with this lacy shawl that’s perfect for the in-between weather of late summer evenings that are cool and ushering in autumn. The lacy stitches in this design make it perfect for layering. It's long enough that it can be wrapped around you to keep you cozy.

This design uses Fingering (#2) yarn and a G/4.0 mm hook- Jennifer used her Red and Gold Odyssey.


2. Infinity Cable Shawl by Briana Kepner

The Infinity Cable adds a bold and striking design to a simple shawl that’s great for early autumn days. This design works great with both casual and more elegant looks. It is the perfect size to keep your shoulders and neck warm.

This design uses DK (#3) yarn and a G/4.0mm hook-  Briana used her Rose Gold Odyssey.

3. Blooming Petals Poncho by Lorene Eppolite

There’s something about cool weather that makes you want to wear a stylish poncho that will keep you warm without overheating. The Blooming Petals Poncho is a wonderful autumn accessory that will keep you warm and stylish during those cool and mild days. It has a fun lace stitch and a pretty edging detail that will add flair to any outfit.

This design uses bulky (#5) yarn and a N/9.0mm hook- Lorene used her Plum Candy Shop


4. Infinity Scarf by Tamara Kelly

There’s nothing more comforting than a scarf you can gently wrap around your neck on those cold, blustery winter days. The Infinity Scarf will keep you warm and feeling luxurious with its soft yarn that gives the scarf a lofty and light feel. The pretty lace detail mixed with color blocking give this design both a vintage and modern feel at the same time.

This design uses DK (#3) yarn and a H/5.5mm hook- Tamara used her Alpha series hand-carved hook.

5. Trapped in Love Poncho by Kathy Lashley

This beautiful poncho is perfect for those cool nights. Think evening walks or drinks on the porch with friends.The Trapped in love poncho can be customized to any size and features charts to for both right-hand and left-hand crocheters. This design is just what every wardrobe needs for Fall.

This design uses worsted (#4) yarn and a J/6.0mm hook- Kathy used her original Odyssey hook.

6. Tate Scarf by Jessica Carey

Stay warm and comfortable with this chunky Tate Scarf that will look amazing with your favorite sweater this autumn or winter season. The tapered design is fashion-forward and the little details in this design make it super fun. The Tate Scarf will add a bit of whimsey to any Autumn outfit.

This design uses bulky (#5) yarn and a L/8.0mm hook- Jessica used her Alpha series hand-carved hook.

7. Unfurled Beauty Shawl by Lorene Eppolite

One of Furls Crochet first patterns, the Unfurled Beauty Shawl is stunning in color, design, and shape with its dual, bold colored stripes and asymmetrical shape. It’s a trendy and stylish shawl that will carry you on to the cold winter season. This design creates the first portion of the edging along with the body of the shawl for a fun twist on construction. The Unfurled Beauty can be used for both casual and elegant outfits.

This design uses Sport (#2) yarn and both H/5.0 and J/6.0mm hooks- Lorene used her Strawberry and Green Apple Candy Shop hooks.





We hope you have enjoyed these shawl, scarf and poncho crochet patterns for changing seasons.


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