Gift Giving Spotlight by 6 Crochet Designers and Makers

Gift Giving Spotlight by 6 Crochet Designers and Makers

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1. Tamara Kelly read more

Copper yarn bowl

Crochet Pendant

Streamline Swirl Galaxy

Streamilne Swirl Cafe

Crochet Hooks Collectors Box

2. Nicole Riley read more

Odyssey Hooks

Whims Merino

Wooden Needle Case

3. Melissa Fisher read more

Streamline Swirl

5 Hook Stand

Leather Hook Holders

4. Toni Lipsey read more

Odyssey Yellow

Leather Hook Holders

Wooden Yarn Bowl

Limited Edition Whims Merino

5. Lorene Eppolite read more

Wooden Streamline Crochet Hooks

Leather Travel Clutch

Wooden Needle Cases

6. Jonah Larson read more

5 Hook Stand

Wooden Needle Cases

Candy Shop Hook

Streamline Swirl Virgo

Odyssey Hooks

1. Tamara Kelly of Moogly

Metal Yarn Bowls - A beautiful yarn bowl is loved by both crocheters and knitters - and makes every project feel more special! The copper bowl glows with a warm light, and keeps your yarn safe and untangled at the same time! Using a shining metal yarn bowl elevates and enhances the time you get to spend with yarns you love.

Pure Pewter Crochet Pendant -  Many of Furls' hooks and products are like jewels for your crochet - and this jewelry turns it around in a lovely way! When you wear the handcrafted Crochet Hook Pendant, you share your love of the craft - and honor all handwork.

Furls Knitting Needles - When Furls added knitting needles, they were guaranteed to be beautiful, ergonomic, and a joy to use. These straight knitting needles are just the right length, and super lightweight. And stunning even when not in use!

Streamline Swirl Galaxy - Furls Streamlines features the ergonomic and speedy shape of the Odyssey hooks with the lightweight feel of the Alpha hooks - at an amazing price for gifting! There are some gorgeous new designs in this shape, and the Virgo hook jumps out right away. Intriguing colors and motion make using this hook extra special.

Streamline Swirl Cafe - Coffee plus crochet is a classic combo - and this Furls Streamline Swirl in Cafe is truly delicious! It feels so good in the hand, and looks so good to the eye - and creates fantastic projects! 

Crochet Hook Collector's Box - When you're a Furls collector, you need the Crochet Hook Collector's Box to keep your precious hooks safe - beautifully! This box comes in two sizes - for 10 hooks, or 20 hooks - and is the perfect gift for anyone who loves their hooks. A lasting, quality, luxury touch for any crafter.

2. Nicole Riley of Nicki's Homemade Crafts

When it comes to Crochet Hooks, Furls Crochet Hooks are simply the best on the market. They back up their products with proven science (yes, that is important to me as a biologist) and quality products and customer service. So in regards to gifts for a special someone, I would highly recommend to give them high-quality products that they can enjoy for years to come. 

The Odyssey crochet hooks are my absolute favorites - no matter which color - due to their weight which decreases any hand or wrist pain. But I must say that the yellow ones really caught my eyes as I know they will be easy to find in my WIP bags. However, I also love the Streamline hooks. They are a bit lighter, but also so easy to use. And can we please talk about the amazing colors in this one. Just wow. 

As the Whims Merino yarn is made for crocheters, I believe one should definitely gift this yarn over others. Because of the Z twist, it's easier to crochet with and provides a better experience. And have I mentioned yet, how soft this yarn is? I love it. And yes, I picked red, because it's my favorite color, plus it's great for Christmas, as well. But they have other colors as well that will make great options. 

And let's not forget the one item most crafters lose all the time: the tapestry needles. It's the one notion everyone needs in order to finish their crochet project. And these cute needle holders are perfect to store them in. The small one is great for on-the-go and the larger one is perfect for display, but still has all the needles I need. 

I would say this combination of yarn, hooks and needle holders is a great gift package for any crocheter whether they are beginners or more advanced. I sure would love it if I would see this package as a present. Wouldn't you?

3. Melissa Fisher of Woods and Wool

I’ve been obsessed with Furls for a few years now, and it was a no-brainer for me to include the Streamline Swirl hooks in this spotlight. If you’ve read my blog post, you know all the reasons why I love love the Streamline hooks so much, like how ergonomic, lightweight, and beautiful they are. As if that wasn’t enough, they are the most affordable hooks in the Furls family and the new Swirl Streamlines are even more stunning. The Cafe color is my absolute favorite and I love how unique each hook is! 

The Wooden Hook Standing Display is my new favorite way to display my hooks, because it’s makes my hooks look like they are on a professional display in my own home! 

As much as I love admiring how beautiful my hooks are on display, I love crocheting with them even more! My Single Hook Leather Cases are perfect to keep my hooks safe no matter what project bag I am taking with me. They are sturdy enough to help protect my hooks and yet have a soft, beautiful finish that makes them just as beautiful as the hooks they hold. 

Whether you’re brand new to Furls or a longtime Furls-lover, these are the perfect items to put on your holiday list and add something new to your collection!

4. Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Crafts 

Hi! I'm Toni, the designer and instructor behind TL Yarn Crafts. I crochet an average of 4-6 hours a day, so I need tools and supplies that put me in a cozy state of mind while also caring for my hands. I tend to gravitate toward the Odyssey collection of Furls hooks (learn 5 things I love about Odyssey hook here!), and picked the Odyssey Yellow in 6.5mm and 7mm, two of my most used sizes. Not only are these hooks gorgeous, but their ergonomic shape helps me crochet faster and longer than I can with any other hook. I can confidently travel with my Furls hooks since they're nestled in these genuine Leather Single Hook Holders. I simply slip these holders into my purse or suitcase and know that my hooks will endure the journey.  

For days spent crocheting at home, I like to put my yarn in my large Rosewood Yarn Bowl. Keeping my yarn in this beautiful, sturdy bowl keeps it safe from my mischevious cats. And, if I'm feeling extra fancy, I fill my yarn bowl with hand-dyed yarn, like these skeins from Thistle & Hart, dyed exclusively for Furls. The colorways Cozy Sweater and Autumn Leaves compliment my Odyssey hooks so perfectly.  I can't wait to curl up in my favorite corner of the couch, put on some true crime documentaries, and crochet the day away with these awesome crochet tools and supplies from Furls.

5. Lorene Eppolite of Cre8tion Crochet

If you are like me, you do a lot of traveling around the holidays and you bring your crochet projects with you. Whether you are traveling by car or plane, and no matter if you are going to be hours away from home or just down the street, you want the creature comforts you are used to and you want to keep those treasures safe. 

When I travel I take my Streamline Hooks and I keep them safe with Furl's gorgeous and functional leather clutch. The Leather Travel Clutch holds 7 hooks so that I can keep all my most used sizes with me, without fear of them breaking or getting lost. 

I also hate searching my bag for my needles and the Furls Needle Case is the perfect remedy. The large maple holder keeps my needles easy to access with style. 

6. Jonah Larson of Jonah's Hands

Hook Stand: Furl hooks are much too beautiful to put in a pouch or drawer with my other hooks.  This 5 hook stand is the right size to display them for everyone to see. I have more than 5 Furl hooks so I trade them out occasionally. They actually become a conversation piece when we have visitors. Friends are fascinated that crochet hooks can be so elegant. The stand is simple in its design and goes with any decor so mom encourages me to set them out! Reasonably priced and perfect for those who have luxury hooks. 

Needle Holder:  This is a great stocking stuffer! I’m always losing my needles but not since I got this case. It holds even my biggest needles and now they are all in one place. Plus, the case is a beautiful piece and another item that gets to be displayed.

Candy Shop Hook: Of course, I recommend the orange hook because it’s my favorite color! But you can gift this hook in anyone’s favorite color because there are so many bright, fun colors to choose from. They are so much fun to crochet with and they feel good in my hand. Anybody that crochets would love one of these as part of their collection! 

Streamline Virgo: My favorite part of this hook is how the green and blue swirl together. It reminds me of marble and other beautiful stones I collect. I love to just look down at it when I crochet. I spend a lot of time with a hook in my hand so they might as well be beautiful to look at. It’s truly a luxury hook that is comfortable in my hand and the yarn just glides through the head smoothly. It is absolutely one of my favorite hooks to use. 

Odyssey hook: Lots of folks worry about the amount of time I spend crocheting and warn that crocheting could be harmful for my hands in the long term.  I want to assure people that the best thing anyone could do if they have this concern is purchase the Odyssey Hook.  It is my number one favorite hook. The best hook I’ve ever used (and I’ve used hooks from all over the world). I can feel the difference. It is so comfortable in my hand. It makes it easy for me to crochet for hours. The stitches I create with this hook are like perfection~they are as even as I can get them. The Odyssey is my “go-to” hook and a must have for my bigger projects. This hook would be an excellent gift for any serious crocheter who wants to create beautiful pieces and take the best care of their hands.

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