February Amigurumi CAL - Pet - Week Four

February Amigurumi CAL - Pet - Week Four

Posted by Jackie Laing on

This is the final installment of the February Amigurumi CAL, the Pet Pattern!   your Furls hook and make your little doll their very own tiny animal sidekick, or why not make a few! If you missed the supply list you can find it here.  Now on with the pattern!


Rnd1: Starting in the middle of the face of your lion sc x 6 in a magic ring, or ch x 2 and do 6sc in the second chain from your hook (6)

Rnd2: Inc x 6 (12)

Rnd3: [Sc, inc] x 6 (18)

Rnd4: [Sc x 2, inc] x 6 (24)

Rnd5: Sc in the back loop x 24 (24)

Rnd6: [Sc x 4, dec] x 4 (20)

Rnd7-9: Sc x 20 (20)

Rnd10: Dec x 10 (10)

Rnd11: Stuff the head firmly as you are working, Dec x 5 (5)

Rnd12: Dec x 2, sc (3)

Rnd13: Dec, sc, fasten off (2)



Rnd1: Starting at the neck, ch x 8, join (8)

Rnd2: Sc x 8 (8)

Rnd3: inc x 8 (16)

Rnd4-6: Sc x 16 (16)

Rnd7: Dec x 8 (8)

Rnd8: Stuff the body  as you are working, dec x 4 (4)

Rnd9: Dec x 2 closed, fasten off (2)

Ear (Make 2)

Rnd1: Starting in the tip of your ear sc x 5 in a magic ring, or ch x 2 and do 5sc in the second chain from your hook (5)

Rnd2: Sc x 5, fasten off (5)



Rnd1: Insert your hook into one of the front loops in Rnd5 of your lions head, [skip stitch, sc x 2 and slip stitch all in the next loop] x 9, fasten off (27)


Stuff the body and the head of your little pet. Now sew the body onto the head. Sew on the ears. Weave in all ends and trim them. Now sew on eyes, a nose and mouth. That's it, you now have a fun little pet sidekick for your little doll! 


We hope you enjoyed this month's Ami CAL!!! Be sure to check out all our other free patterns here.

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